7 reasons to travel NOW - for Americans!

7 reasons to travel NOW - for Americans!

We think it’s time for America to get out there and explore. Yep, you’ve climbed and skied the Rockies, conquered the rollers of Orange County, sought out Grizzlies amidst the giant sequoias, created awesome cityscapes like the Big Apple and Chicago, trekked Appalachia and tanned on the sands of south Florida. Now it’s time to think bigger and further-afield. And here are the reasons why…


Because you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck!

With everything from the Brazilian real to the Colombian peso, the continental euro to the Thai baht slipping down the currency conversion graphs against the US dollar, your green is set to go further than ever in 2016. In fact, American travelers can expect a financial boost to their spending money to the tune of 20% in some places. That means an extra pina colada in Rio, a cheaper excursion into the jungles of Costa Rica, a longer surf lesson in Panama perhaps, or maybe one last Chang on the Thai beaches before the Full Moon Party concludes!

Because it will set you apart from the crowd

Since the days when the first American pioneers departed the cities of the Eastern Seaboard in search of the promised land over the great Rocky Mountains, pitching their camps between the wild forests of Colorado and journeying deep into the Great Sioux Nation and across the deserts of Mojave to the Pacific, it seems US folk have gotten just a tad less adventurous. Recent stats revealed that as few as 46% of Americans hold valid passports, meaning far less than half of you have even considered hopping across the globe or breaking down that comfort zone! Be part of the adventuring minority we say.

Because if you think the Rockies are awesome…

Before we begin: no one’s disputing that the Rockies are awesome here! Nope, we’re just saying that there are some places that might just be even more awesome. Just think, there’s the mighty Himalaya, peaking at more than 8,500 meters up with the windswept top of Everest. There are the sultry rainforests of Costa Rica, where sloths and howler monkeys swing in the limbs. There are the Caribbean beaches, fringed with sparkling sands and washed by surf to rival even southern Cali – the list goes on!

Because the world will be a better place

Just as we think the world has plenty to offer your average joe who’s yet to leave the metropolitan fray of LA or New York, the Dustbowl plains of Oklahoma, the mountains of Montana or the beaches of the Sunshine State, there’s no question that you guys have plenty to offer the world in return. You’re the geniuses who got Buzz Aldrin and that fella’ Armstrong on the moon after all! Yep, we think if you take the plunge, pack the bags, head out and meet the people of the globe, you’ll soon be sharing all those stars-and-stripes ideas about freedom, independence and, er, Donald Trump…Okay, maybe we’ll leave that last one on the backburner for now!

Because it’s not all about Tex-Mex and hotdogs

Alright, alright, we know the tacos are top-notch in Chipotle, and Domino’s pizzas might be the perfect hangover cure, but there’s more to food than just America’s Tex-Mex chains, French fries and New Yorker hotdogs! Take Thailand; the sun-splashed Land of Smiles, where peanut-infused noodles and oyster-flavored stir fries sizzle on the street corners. Or Costa Rica, with its gallo pinto black bean and rice concoctions; Peru’s uber-fresh seafood ceviche; Croatia’s truffle-topped tagliatelles; Bali’s gado gado – the list goes on. Get a taste for culinary travel and you’ll never go back!


Because flight options are voluminous!

Whether you’re closer to the colossal departure lounges of Chicago O’Hare, the endless runways of New York’s trio of airports (LaGuardia, JFK and Newark), the booming hub of LAX, San Fran, the city-sized airport at Hartsfield–Jackson or huge Dallas Fort Worth, you’re never too far from a whole host of flight options in the United States. What’s more, with countless budget fliers now making regular hops over the Atlantic and Pacific, down to South America and up to the ski fields of Canada, it’s difficult to find an airfare that will break the bank. So, what are you waiting for?

Because America needs you…

It’s no secret that America is in the throes of some serious changes. Politically and culturally, things are up in the air. Add to that the fact that some folk labelled Scandinavia simply “cold as fuck” in a recent Buzzfeed piece (others put all of Eastern Europe down simply as “the place Borat is from”), and it’s easy to see that the time is ripe for Americans to get out there, explore and learn about the world. Not only will a young generation of US travelers add a multicultural, life-affirming voice to the new narrative, but hopefully also a more robust geographical knowledge of the globe!

"Rich is a traveler, writer and filmmaker who's always after somewhere new to go. He's been hopping around the globe since 2011, from Poland to Paris, Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh. He runs several travel sites of his own, from Ski Eastern to Live Krakow to Crabs Move Sideways. When he's not planning his next trip, he's usually listening to 50s jazz, surfing in Wales, skiing in the Alps, or just swigging (too much) great craft beer."

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