7 Bucket List Trips You Have to Make

7 Bucket List Trips You Have to Make

Perhaps you’re pining for a party under the full moon? Maybe you’re longing to case out the mysterious wonders of Latin America’s ancient peoples? Or, are you eager to check off the world’s longest rail journey, Europe’s greatest historical treasures, and Croatia’s party towns? Whatever your wanderlust has got you thinking this year, be sure to check out this selection of LBW’s top bucket list journeys. We don’t think it’ll disappoint! 

Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru

There’s no question about it: the fabled Lost City of the Incas is a veritable core of bucket lists right across the globe! Set high in the misty nebulas of the South American Andes, this ancient city of the pre-Columbian Peruvians is a masterwork of engineering and art, defying gravity with its stepped terraces of centuries-old homes and mysterious temple altars more than 2,400 meters above the winding rivers and farm fields of the Urubamba Valley. Fancy it? Be sure to check out our appropriately-named Wonders of Peru trip for the chance to tick it off the list!

Conquer the Full Moon Party, Thailand

Prep the party glands and ready the neon face paint for this one folks, because the Full Moon Party still reigns supreme as one of the world’s most iconic shindigs. In fact, the island it’s hosted on – sun-kissed, beach-fringed Koh Phangan – has taken to holding a blowout every evening of the month these days, apparently not content with the hedonism afforded by the whims of the lunar calendar. Our groups hit it hard amidst the bucket bars of Haad Rin on our Treasures of Thailand and Taste of Thailand trips, with just enough time to kick-back on the tropical beaches nearby after the party’s done! 

See Chichen Itza, Mexico

Hidden between the swaying vines and primeval jungles of the Mexican Yucatan, where jaguars stalk and howler monkeys swing, the stepped temple tops of mighty Chichen Itza offer a glimpse into one of the most mysterious and awesome civilisations to ever rule the South American lands: The Maya. Meticulously constructed to reflect the light of the sun at equinox, the great El Castillo platform is the piece de resistance here, while there are also massive ancient ball courts to see and terraces engraved with eerie skulls! 

Sail the Adriatic, Croatia

Just imagine it: the salty spray of the Mediterranean in your face; the crash of whitecaps off the bow; the Croatian sun beating down on the deck; a daily routine of sunbathing and Slavic beers and wild swimming amidst the craggy cliffs of places like Hvar and Korcula! Good right? Well, that’s the YachtLife through-and-through, and the reason why taking to the turquoise waters of the Adriatic on a boat for one sultry carefree summer is way up there with the other great bucket list journeys on this list! 

Wonder at the Roman Forum, Rome

The delights of the Roman Forum really are the stuff of superlatives. There’s the great Colosseum; the Flavian Amphitheatre that’s hailed as the most-visited landmark in the world. There’s the crumbling remains of the mysterious Temple of Vesta, and the very spot where Caesar (of the Julius variety) was assassinated, and the colossal Temple of Saturn. There’s the outline of the Palatine Hill too, where Rome’s ancient senators and elite would once have raised their luxurious mansions, and the glorified arches of Septimius Severus and Titus to boot. It’s almost endless! 

Do the Trans-Siberian Railway

Be sure to pack a thick jacket for this whopping great big odyssey of a bucket list journey that ranges from the tsarist palaces and Brutalist monoliths of Moscow to the wilds of Siberia in the deep eastern recesses of Russia. Along the way, travelers see the vast expanses of the Kazakh Steppe, the soaring    plateaus that edge their way into Mongolia, the onetime home of the feared khans, the ice-caked stretches and rugged coastlines of Lake Baikal, and a whole load other more off-the-beaten-track wonders. Options for finishing include China’s great metropolises and the heady lights of Hong Kong!

Trek a volcano in Bali, Indonesia

 There’s no morning view in the world like the morning view over the great calderas of the Nusa Tenggara – trust us! Bali is the best of them too, offering the smoky tops of Mount Batur and Agung, both reached by challenging trails that twist and turn through the monkey-dotted jungles and coffee plantations of beautiful Kintamani before piercing the clouds and casting panoramas across the Bali Sea to Lombok! We do this one on our famous Blissful Bali itinerary, being sure to head out in the early hours to catch the ethereal glows of red and pink as the sun rises over the Indian Ocean in the east.

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