6 Differences Between Travelers & Other People

6 Differences Between Travelers & Other People

Are you a traveler at heart who’s stuck in the nine­ to ­five rigmarole? Are you determined to live the life of a nomad and see places and people you could never at home? Well, be sure to check out this list of little titbits, which highlights six ways of just how the life of a dedicated traveler differs to most folk...

Travelers holiday at home

Most of us pine for that two ­week jaunt to the tropics, or long for our stay in the Greek Islands that comes around just once a year. However, dedicated travellers do precisely the opposite, often counting down the days until they can return home for a spell, see family and have a catch­up with friends. Yep, even the most determined backpacker gets bouts of nostalgia and home sickness; which is their version of the mid­week blues, if you like. Of course, it’s easier to handle when you’ve got a cold one and a Costa Rican sunset to get you through!


Travelers don’t understand what nine­ to ­five means

Ask any full­ time traveler and they’ll tell you: life on the road hardly ever follows a pattern. A complete negation of the usual nine­ to­ five routine, getting out there and exploring the world means opening yourself to all the possibilities and spontaneities of life. One day you could be bungee jumping Hackett ­style in the mountains of NZ, the next you could be jungle trekking above the beaches of the Koh Phi Phi, the next wandering between the ruins of the Incan Trail, or sipping cocktail on the edge of Ipanema. The traveling life is a life of changes and eccentricities!


Travellers’ passports look like hell

Dog­eared and ripped, tea­stained and soaked in beer, the passports of the most dedicated travellers in the world invariably look the part. Okay, there are some who keep their important docs zipped up and hidden away in waterproof casings, but for the most part nomads haven’t got the time nor inclination to be so careful. And while we’re talking of passports, determined backpackers and travellers are also usually stuck for page space too, with visas for Nam’ and Laos, Indo and India alike occupying leaf after leaf of those little red (or green, or blue) books.

Travellers don’t get borders

Dedicated travellers typically won’t settle for simply heading off to tour the wondrous Khmer temples of Thailand and only the Khmer temples of Thailand, or of spending a sunny two weeks on the beaches of Costa Rica. Dedicated travellers prefer adventures, which invariably means crossing those dotted lines most folk call borders. There are famous Southeast Asian odysseys that go through all of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia; extensions that take in Bali and Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. In South America there are popular circuits that encompass everything from the Atlantic coast of Brazil to the Peruvian Pacific, the Andes to the Patagonian glaciers. Crossing borders simply isn’t a big deal for these guys!


Travelers don’t have to ask permission

While most folk have to check if those holiday days they’re after are still available, and rota in weeks away from the office long before they are due to head to the airport, the full­time traveler has no such worries. Dedicated nomads can wake up one morning and decide they fancy exploring the colossal Maharaja forts of Rajasthan, or hop aboard a flight to the sun­ kissed beaches of southern Vietnam. They can sling the backpack and hitch across America on a whim, or go trekking in the South American jungles without wondering if they have the holiday time. Travellers don’t have to ask permission and it often feels great! 


Travellers budget only for travel

You might be forking out for a romantic meal for two, or maybe spending hard ­earned dollars on a couple of beers over a football game. Well, one sure sign that you’re a dedicated traveller is when you start thinking of how all that dosh could be better spent on getting you back on the road. When you realize that brew you just bought could be sipped on the beaches of Vietnam, or during a wild all­ nighty on the Gili Isles of Indo. When you start regretting that date night and all the monies the fine ­dining cost you, and start pining for a fresh paper plate of pad Thai for just a couple of Bhat. Yep, a traveler’s budget is focussed on one thing and one thing only!

Any differences we missed? Comment below to let us know! 

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