5 types of people who should try the YogaLife

5 types of people who should try the YogaLife

It’s not just the elephant ­pants ­wearing backpacker with dreads and a penchant for uttering Sun Tzu quotes who love a jaunt on the YogaLife with LBW. It’s the adventurers and the health buffs amongst us too, not to mention the partiers and socialites, who’ll enjoy all the new mates and epic blowouts amidst the bars of the Andaman coast!


The adventurer

Our YogaLife trips are based in the sunny reaches of south­central Thailand, on the famous west coast of the Andaman, where rugged bays of karst cliffs soar from the salty waters and the jungles chirp with the sounds of swinging macaques and tropical birds. Now if that doesn’t sound like the perfect location for a budding adventurer, we don’t know what is! Our itineraries help you make the most of the intrepid side of things too, with planned jaunts to the hidden seaside rock­climbing town of Railay, adventurous hikes through the jungle and the backcountry of Koh Phi Phi, and additional options for scuba diving, cliff walking and more!

The health freak

Yes, there will be buckets laden with energy drinks and vodka and rum and god knows what else, but you don’t have to glug them every night. In fact, there’s a huge focus on wellbeing on all our LBW YogaLife trips, giving guests a great mix of early­ morning, midday and evening yoga sessions. And then there are the optional extras aimed specially at the wheat grass ­hungry health buffs who are looking for a detox in overdrive: the superfood smoothie diet; regular Thai massages; kayaking trips to tone those arm muscles; hot springs for cleansing the pores. You might just be one of the few people leaving Thailand feeling fresher than when you arrived!

The party animal

If you’re thinking of following the YogaLife for the promise of hangover­defeating downward dogs in the morning and lazy days in the LBW homestay for soothing sore heads before the next night on the tiles, then great! We love a good old shindig on our trips, which is exactly why you’ll head to the party town of Koh Phi Phi, where bucket bars spill onto the streets and DJs thump out tunes on the sands until sunup. And then there’s our pool parties and on­site bar to enjoy, complete with chilled Chang aplenty. The mystic If it’s the twisting incense smoke and clicking prayer wheels of Thailand’s mysterious Buddhist temples that have piqued your interest the most, then rest assured that an LBW YogaLife trip will sate your appetite for all things metaphysical. Not only will your daily yoga sessions have a focus on introspection and meditation, but you’ll also get the chance to visit the awesome hilltop Tiger Cave Temple of Wat Tham Suea, famed for its ancient paw prints worked into the rock (not to mention breathtaking views of the entire of Krabi province, from the jungle­ dressed mountains to the sea).

The socialite

Following the YogaLife isn’t just about strict routines and back­breaking poses at unearthly hours of the morning, it’s about finding a balance in life while seeing somewhere new, and – importantly – meeting new people. On this much­loved LBW trip, you’ll be spending your time between the hedonistic bars and palm­fringed beaches of Koh Phi Phi and the laid­ back, poolside cottages of our very own KrabiLife LBW Homestay. That means there’s plenty of time to sip bucket cocktails with your new mates while watching Muay Thai battles or fire show on the shores of the Andaman, or bantering with your travel buddies in­ between yoga sessions below the karst cliffs. Nice.

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