5 types of people who should try the YachtLife

5 types of people who should try the YachtLife

A life ­changing, bucket ­list­ breaking trip if there ever was one, LBW’s YachtLife promises full­ throttle, EDM­ powered hedonism, endless bouts of deck top partying and some of the best company of your life. Check out some of the types of people you might just spot onboard...

The sunbather

Whether you’re in search of secluded pebble beaches in Dalmatia or reclining deck chairs on the edge of the Adriatic, a sun­splashed piazza in the shadow of ancient Roman ruins or a bobbing deck between the bays of Bodrum, you can rest assured that your perfect sunbathing spot is on the menu on any YachtLife tour. We recommend a hefty smattering of sun cream to fend off the beetroot effect of the Mediterranean summertime, while the sea is never too far away when it’s time to cool off (you’ve just got to jump off the side of the boat in most places!).

The hedonist

This one should really go without saying. Stick 40 young’uns on a luxury yacht together with oodles of Croatian wine and Turkish raki, DJ equipment and party­ready deck space and it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen: a blowout to end all blowouts! The YachtLife certainly won’t let you down on this count. We pull into coves and party the night away at Prvi Zal, we spend evenings showering in champagne around the waters of Dalmatia, we hit Bodrum’s legendary beaches for hedonism unbridled and conquer the summertime student meccas of Hvar and Split. It’s the perfect storm for any willing hedonist!

The aspiring pirate/sailor

If you’re a perpetual watcher and re­watcher of Hornblower, Cutthroat Island et al, if you wear eye­patches by choice and gurgle rum at every opportunity, or collect Spanish doubloons from chests on the sea bed, shout ‘shiver me timbers’ and have a parrot for a pal, then the chances are you’ll fit as perfectly as a hand­crafted peg leg on the LBW YachtLife. We’re not saying we flit around the Adriatic looking for tourist ferries or millionaire yachts to board and pillage (although that would probably be a blast), but that there’s a certain freedom to the open ocean that any aspiring buccaneer or simple sailor will love. Oh yep, and there is actually oodles of rum on the menu during our on­board DJ parties!

The fancy dress maestro

Niche perhaps, but a popular attendant on our fancy­dress­heavy YachtLife tours, both Med and Croatia, the fancy dress maestro is sure to have a whale of a time. Take our stop­off at the historic Turkish town of Cnidus, where we don the glow sticks between the ancient ruins, or when we depart from the pastel­painted harbours of pretty little Greek Symi to get dressed up as penguins and sip Mythos beers into the twilight. And then there’s our legendary White Party on the beachfront of Prvi Zal, a night of wild EDM and booze amidst the pretty coves of the Dalmatian coast.

The culture vulture Yep, we do hit it hard in the evenings (and the days, and sometimes the mornings), but there’s also plenty of time to delve into the deep history and culture of the European Med while on one of our YachtLife Tours. In Croatia’s Vis, we depart the champagne­soaked deck for a spell to sample Slavic wines in the company of local farmers (and donkeys). In Split we wander the ruins of UNESCO­attested Diocletian’s Palace (one of the best­ preserved Roman towns in the world), while Bodrum means the medieval Castle of Saint Peter, and Cnidus gives the crumbling peristyles of ancient Greece. Put simply, there’s oodles of thought­provoking sights and activities to balance out the raucous nights and parties!




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