Vegas for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching! Don't be left in the dust and end up handing out candy or watching a cheesy horror movie at home. Make this the most unique Halloween you've ever had and one that you won't ever forget by spending it in Las Vegas.


During this time, Sin City gears up for the tricks, treats, ghouls and goblins; not forgetting the all-night parties and street parades. Here are 5 reasons you should be packing your bags and heading to Las Vegas this Halloween:

The Costumes

Who doesn’t like dressing up? Check out the Life Before Work crew last year just before the good times kicked in! Yep, that could be you! 

Luxury Accommodation

As soon as you in arrive in Vegas we give you everything you could need from a swimming pool to a bar, there is no need to stay in a hostel or a hotel. LBW provide you with a luxurious place to stay which comes fully packed with queen and king size beds, we know you'll be needing that precious beauty sleep. 

The Best Nights Out

Every year the best Dj's in the world get to together for one night, thats right you guessed it halloween in Vegas! We take you into the hottest nightclubs in town to have the wildest nights out. 

Scooter Scavenger Hunt

Ever wanted to ride around in a scooter dressed as a penguin? Well now you can. LBW take you on an epic scavenger hunt around Vegas to find nothing but awesome goodies. 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

If theres one thing we know, it's that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Get ready for a fantastic weekend with great people who are ready to party as hard as you! 

If you still aren’t convinced that Vegas is the place to be this halloween then check out this video:*Need to insert Video hereIf you are ready to come along for the ride this Halloween in Vegas you can book your place by clicking on the link below: 

You can sign up here and get more information about Halloween in Vegas this October with Life Before Work Travel.


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