5 Reasons To Visit Koh Phi Phi

5 Reasons To Visit Koh Phi Phi

Everyone has an inch of wanderlust within them, a longing need to get away and travel the world; whether that be solo or in a group. Once this wanderlust takes over, you will be itching to get away and see what the world has to offer. From different cultures to beautiful destinations we recommend heading over to Thailand, oh and that’s just to start you off! 

There is one place in Thailand that turns knees weak and is a filler of hearts, that beautiful island goes by the name of Koh Phi Phi.

Below we have listed 5 reasons why you should be heading over to Koh Phi Phi.

The Beautiful Scenery

This is Thailand’s Shangri la, this beautiful paradise will drop jaws and keep landscape photographers busy. From beautiful curvy blonde beaches to the bodacious jungles, Koh Phi Phi will definitely keep you entertained, and we’re still just talking about the scenery. There are many viewpoints where you can take fantastic pictures a get a feel for how amazing the island really is.

Fire Shows

As soon as the eye-catching sun sets behind the limestone walls of Ao Lo Dalam, the performers for the evening make an appearance. Thai fire performers will blow you away with their show for the evening, sometimes welcoming you with a small gift they will throw fire into the air, lift one another whilst wielding a fire lance and do acrobatic stunts. Something not to miss! 

The Nightlife

As the day goes by you can relax by the beach or explore the streets of Koh Phi Phi but as the night comes the island starts to come alive. The entertaining, young and vibrant culture is fantastic, the bars and pubs will stay open as long as there is a customer standing, and the locals will do nothing but welcome you to ensure you are having a great night. So don’t think about crashing early!

The Buckets

A distinctive feature of Koh Phi Phi’s nightlife is the many display of buckets ready to buy. The buckets generally contain an energy drink, a mixer, bottle of spirits and a few straws. Yep, those are the ingredients to get any party started. The best thing about these buckets are that they are cheap!

Maya Bay

Remember that movie with Leonardo Dicaprio‘ called ‘The Beach’ the one where he discovers a paradise island, well that was Maya Beach. In the day can head over to Koh Phi Phi Leh and check out the beautiful beach, clear water and surrounding sights. Who doesn’t want to say, “I’ve been to one of the most famous beach’s in the world, the one where The Beach was filmed”. Catchy line hey. 

This is one of the many destinations in the world that you should go and visit, and what better way to go than with Life Before Work Travel, book your trip now!


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