5 reasons to live the YachtLife

If you’ve been flicking through those travel brochures pining after the glossy pics of Southern Europe, looking wide­ eyed at the shimmering white pebble beaches of Croatia and the forever­ sunny eucalyptus ­dotted coastlines of the Greek Islands and Turkey, then perhaps the time’s right to consider opting for the YachtLife! As well as promising a summer spent checking off some of the most beautiful seas and sands of Europe, these itineraries boast raucous nights out, fine weather and the chance to meet likeminded people. Sounds good right?

The Weather

Our YachtLife tours range from the rugged, brilliant white cliffs of the Dalmatian Coast to the half­ baked islands of the Greek Aegean and the Turkish Riviera. Now, if those destinations conjure up images of anything, it should be sun! Drenched in the warming rays of southern Europe from the earliest days of spring onwards, sultry, steamy conditions and blue skies are all but guaranteed on any of our sailing trips through the Med. That means there’s plenty of time for that deck­-top sunbathing and always an excuse to crack out a pivo (that’s Croatian for beer), while the occasional apocalyptic thunderstorm makes for some jaw­ dropping viewing from the docks!


The Parties

With stopovers at bona fide Adriatic party towns like Hvar on the menu of YachtLife Croatia, the mega clubs and jet setter cocktail bars of Bodrum and Kos on our Med­wide tour, our (in)famous White Party rocking the boat on all trips, and ad hoc deck soirees pretty much every night of the week, living the YachtLife is also about letting loose and cranking up the hedonism! Expect outlandish fancy dress shindigs while coursing through the seas, awesome champagne blowouts on the Adriatic, raucous beach parties on Rhodes, LBW club takeovers on the islands off Dalmatia, and even a dedicated DJ at hand on the boat!

The History

If you can set aside some time between sunbathing on deck, the day­long beach sessions, the cocktail drinking, the hangover­curing and the partying, then our YachtLife tours also offer a chance to get up­close­and­personal with the fascinating history of southern Europe. There are Byzantine castles and mysterious Orthodox churches to see in Croatia, marble­ clad medieval towns lining the shores of Dalmatia, ancient ruins and age­stained Greek temples on the islands of Rhodes and Kos, Turkish bathhouses and harbours built by the Knights of St John on pretty little Symi – the list goes on!


The Beaches

There’s no question about it: riding the waves of the Adriatic and Aegean seas gives access to beaches, coves and coastal nooks and crannies that those land lubbers could only dream of. So, put your trust in our experienced guides and discover turquoise waters on the Makarska Riviera, the secluded likes of Prvi žal beach, the unknown coves around Vis, the less­touristy sands of the iconic Dodecanese Islands (Rhodes included) and all the secret sunbathing spots around the Bodrum Peninsular. Add to that plenty of chances for ad hoc boat diving and evening sessions swimming off the bow, and it’s hard to deny that YachtLife is one of the top ways to experience the sands and seas of the Med.

The Company

Whether you board our luxurious 36­person yacht from the harboursides of Bodrum, or alight to one of our three boats from the sunny reaches of Split in Croatia, you can rest assured that you’ll disembark with a whole new group of friends! With a good dousing of social lubricant (typically in the form of Slavic beers or Turkish raki), you’ll mingle and meet other travelers from a whole host of backgrounds on our YachtLife trips. Comfy salons, communal eating areas and al fresco deck spaces mean there’s plenty of time spent in the company of your new buddies too, while fancy dress parties and on­board themed nights just add spice to the mix!




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