3 Countries, 10 Bus Rides, 2 Boats, 4 Planes.

3 Countries, 10 Bus Rides, 2 Boats, 4 Planes.

In 2015, we had a pair of besties join us on our Best of Central tour, and they left us a couple of awesome messages about our tour that we just had to share.

Lindsey Ingham

3 countries, 10 bus rides, 48.5+ bus hours later, 2 boats and soon to be 4 planes rides later this trip has come to a close!

Words and photos cannot even begin to describe some the the places I've been, things I've seen or people I've met along the way through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. There as been soooo many laughs along the way and zero tears! I can't even begin to list all my favorite actives. From Sunday Funday pool parties in Nicaragua to bungee jumping in Costa Rica's cloud forest and rafting through the rainforest to quad-ing through the jungle in Panama I thought almost everyday was actually the best day yet!!!

I used to use Cambodia as a measurement of how hot a place could be but I can now say Granada, Nicaragua takes the cake for that! The term from "1 to Granada" hot became a term used throughout the trip. I've never seen it rain so hard and as often as Bocas del Toro, Panama. On a rain scale of from 1 to Panama it's got to be damn near flash flooding before I'll give it a Panama rating.

A wise man living in Panama told us not to go to jail there; if you do go to jail take your wallet - that will get you out he said. Although we never went to jail, Shelby did try to convince someone the national guard was our hostel just for entertainment.

Traveling continues to remind me to be thankful for running water and soap in bathrooms and the luxury of paper towel and toilet paper at times. Canadian highways are still waaay better than any place I've been so remember that when your driving on what you think is a very shitty Saskatchewan highway. Not one of our buses made it over 80kmh while I was away!

Thank you Life Before Work and everyone along the way for making this trip amazing!! 

Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer so get out there friends and start making your own great stories!!!

Shelby Gordon

"All of the best stories begin between the pages of a passport." 

Although I have traveled before, no adventure has been as amazing as this one. I can speak of my trip but how does a person put words to the nostalgic feeling evoked that can not always be explained. Taking nothing but good memories from these three amazing countries; Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. The month of travel has blown by.

I have learned I can be in a location for as little as one day and fall in love with the place. Found out it is easy to make friends fast; but miss the ones at home just as quickly. I have learned on a scale of "1 to Granada" hot, a 10 is where air conditioning becomes a basic human rights requirement. Always wear sunscreen, even on day #27, and even if you "never get sunburns". Maybe don't read all the warning signs as there might be snakes you don't want to know about. Learned I've become afraid of heights, I don't like free falling, and don't need to go zip lining again. Learned I absolutely love surfing. That whitewater rafting while pouring rain in the jungle has been the best adventure I have ever experienced. I have learned the saying "just like ridding a bike" may not mean it's always easy. That being said, I have quickly re-learned how to ride a bike and enjoy it. This adventure has taught me more than ever that if someone knows you are a nurse you are going to asked for an opinion on; blisters, burns, bones, bruises, rashes, infections, medications and drugs all of which we have seen this trip.

My love for tacos has been a common theme for each stop and love for all the snacks and food. Central America has validated my hate for bugs and fear for the-what you don't know can't hurt you-things; especially while in a natural hot spring in the dark down a scary trail.

Rent a catamaran booze cruise at least once every beach vacation. Day drink sangria and be those aunties at the family BBQ. Take all the shots, even the spicy ones; you might get a free shirt. Meet an Auzzie if you're as lucky as I was karma will come back and will make for a good story. Build beach bonfires you will create some of your favorite nights. If you steal patio furniture, welcome the homeless person it belongs to. When you arrive home late don't wake the crazy hostel tenants, the police will come. If you're going to be around someone dramatic over a hangover tell them to do it alone so you don't have to listen to the whining.

Rent quads and go to waterfalls, eat chocolate, drink coffee and pet goats. Go for bike rides in the pouring rain, run on the beach. Swim in the ocean at nightclubs and try tightrope walking. Have fun and be hilarious see what happens when you ask for something out of the ordinary. Go to karaoke bars and open mic nights. Play sociables and bananagrams.

I've learned to appreciate sleeping in my own bed. The comfort of familiar grocery stores and real life routines. Take for granted little things like how fortunate I we are to live where highways are capable of driving over 80km/hr on. And being able to flush the toilet paper. I have learned to appreciate my good health because on a scale of 1 to Jesus statue incline hike, I am very happy I work out. Learned that even when it's raining always try to make the most of a bad day. I have a weak spot for the ocean, sloths and for fresh tacos on homemade tortillas. Wouldn't change any adventure that comes from staying in a hostel.

Experience is more valuable than money will ever be. Don't be afraid to ask about my trip, I have lots to say. These countries have beyond exceeded my expectations. Pura vida; life is wonderful, enjoy it.

Huge shout out to the LBW Central America Tour!


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