Just in case you were in any doubt as to whether the LBW life is the life for you, we've put together this lengthy list of 21 more reasons why you should get on the road with the best tour company ever as soon as humanly possible…

1.   Because it's about seizing the moment

Carpe diem…so goes the mantra. It means taking opportunities when they come. It means swapping the 9-to-5 for rolling surf swells in Nica. It means partying until you drop in Thailand. It means watching the sunset over mighty peaks in Nam'. We could go on…

2.   Because your taste buds will thank you

Let's not pretend that food isn't one of the major draws of a life on the road. From the spicy masaman curries of the Land of Smiles to the earthy bean stews of South America, the LBW experience promises a culinary journey through the lot.

3.   Because you'll make new pals

Opting for the LBW life means opting for the LBW family. And we don't say that lightly, either. With thousands of buddies and pals all over the planet, touring with us means joining a global network of likeminded folk who'll never let you down.


4.   Because you'll break that routine

We at LBW don't believe life is meant to be lived with routine. We prefer adventure and action. We prefer different experiences every day. We prefer embracing the challenges of a life away from the comfort zone, and seeing where that can take you.  

5.   Because you can feel the salt spray

Calling all board riders, yachters and sea lovers, the LBW life is the perfect way to feel some of the freshest salt sprays on the globe. From riding the left-to-righters of legendary Kuta in Bali to splashing along the Turquoise Coast and the Aegean Sea, there's ocean to be had here by the bucket load.

6.   Because it's good for your health

From morning yoga sessions overlooking the rollers of the Andaman Sea to health and detox diets in the vitamin-producing Thai sun, there are plenty of opportunities to get fit on the LBW life. And that's not even mentioning the mental improvements that come with leaving the Rat Race behind for a spell!

7.   Because it's different

While travel and backpacking is becoming ever more popular, the reality is that far more people still opt to stay at home than opt to go out on that adventure. Be sure to set yourself apart from the crowd and soak up all the experiences on offer from Hanoi to Managua with the LBW life.

8.   Because it means more opportunities

Opting for the LBW life isn't just about traveling and chilling around the globe. It can also be a way to discover new opportunities. Perhaps you'll find you've a penchant for teaching English abroad. Maybe you'll become entwined in the digital nomad revolution. There's only one way to find out!

9.   Because it's a ticket to Central America

Where else for that new life but the shimmering, surf-washed beaches of Costa Rica's Caribbean coast? Where better to start that new adventure than in a co-working space overlooking the Nicaraguan seas? Ah, Central America, we salute you!

10.  Because it's a ticket to Southeast Asia

Rarely has there been such a legendary destination for budding globetrotters as Southeast Asia. Packed with everything from the cascading rice terraces of Vietnamese Sa Pa to the throbbing nightlife of Koh Phi Phi, this region really promises to be one to remember!

11.  Because it's a ticket to Europe

From bouncing over the waves of the shimmering, sun-kissed Adriatic (check out the LBW YachtLife) to wallowing in hot springs on the Turkish Riviera to having tomato fights in Spain, we've got some of Europe's top sights, spots and activities on the menu.

12.  Because it’s a ticket to South America

Whether it's the wild parties of Ipanema or the mist-topped ruins of the Incas in Peru, the LBW life promises to be a ticket to all the hidden wonders of South America. Talk about checking off that bucket list!

13.  Because no one likes winter

"Ah, I'm loving these sub-zero temperatures". Said no one, ever. If you're the sort of snowbird who simply can't handle another chilly Northern Hemisphere winter, then the LBW life and all the tropical temperatures it promises between Vietnam and Thailand, Costa Rica and Panama might just be the perfect life choice for you!

14.  Because it will make your friends at home mega-jeal

There's something darkly satisfying about making all your mates at home jealous, right? Well, trust us when we say that there's really no better way to do just that than by embarking on the LBW life. You'll be touring everywhere from the volcanos of Nica to the party strips of Rio, all while they continue with the Rat Race. Woohoo!

15.  Because you can chase the perfect selfie

Sometimes motivation can come in the simplest forms. And for some, that can be as simple as the perfect selfie. No more glum midweek work snaps from the office, because we're talking backdrops of rugged Thai cliffs, or whitewashed Grecian towns with the Aegean Sea sparkling in the distance. That's better.

16.  Because you can be your own boss

Forget ever answering to the proverbial Man on an LBW tour. Here, we have no bosses. It's all about free living and enjoyment. Fancy lazing up on deck all day as we drift through the Adriatic? No problem. Want to skip some activities for a chilled beach session in Krabi? Go for it! The world's your oyster on the LBW life.

17.  Because it will make you more understanding

After years of touring the globe, from Southeast Asia to the sands of Costa Rica and beyond, we at LBW have discovered just how true is that age-old cliché that travel broadens the horizons. You'll become more welcoming, understanding and tolerant as you meet all different types of people. And that surely can't be a bad thing, right?


18.  Because it will provide much-needed spiritualism

Temples and shrines, chanting monks and morning meditation sessions are all part and parcel to the LBW life, which means it's the perfect opportunity for anyone seeking a deeper spiritualism from their travels.

19.  Because it will give you new skills

Perhaps you'll discover you're a maestro in the kitchen, sizzling up Thai treats or whacking together spicy empanadas in Brazil. Or, maybe it's languages that your travels will reveal you're awesome at; as you return home with newfound skills in South American Spanish or the tongues of Southeast Asia. Whatever it is, new lessons abound in the LBW life.

20.  Because the parties are just the best

No matter if it's a penguin-themed fancy dress on the coves of Croatian Dalmatia or an all-night Full Moon Party on the sands of Ko Pha Ngan, we're in no doubt that LBW hosts some of the top parties you'll ever get on the road. Now where's that rakija?

Exploring Lombok.jpg

21.  Because you'll never look back!

One thing's for sure: it's not easy to leave the LBW life once you've started it. So many of our former travellers come back for more, whether they've been convinced to hit Costa Rica by the tales of other backpackers or just fallen madly in love with Bali's picture-perfect beaches. Others will even come back to work on our tours – that is, if you can call it work!

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