2016 Under the Full Moon

Koh Phangan was bigger than I thought it would be! Not like the cute little walkways of Koh Tao, the main way of transport on this island is sitting in the boot of a truck. This is fun for a few minutes, but twenty minute taxi rides like this felt a little sketchy haha.

The hotel was gorgeous and luckily had an English Channel than mainly had NCIS playing, which would come in handy for hungover days.

We met for a ten minute walk to the closest beach and sat in the sun for the afternoon and met up with all the other tours, the other three week and the NYE tour, which accounted for about 100 people! The first evening here was probably my favourite night out. It was a night out at a pool party with a massive pool party with everyone from LBW. Everyone was dancing in the pool and the bar was packed, it was a pretty wild night and so far one of my favorites. 

Our first full day included a little tour of the island. The first stop was of a gorgeous Chinese temple. The colors and intricacy of the temples here will never cease to amaze me. We then did a hike (and I mean hike/Boulder jumping) to a waterfall. It was really refreshing and gorgeous to see, then concluded with than same mission of a hike back down the rocks and stream. The third stop was a pretty bright blue sea, white sand beach. There is nothing like sun tanning on a white sand beach as the sand is so soft. That evening we saw a real Muay Thai boxing fights. The guys were amazing and we watched three main fights. Within two rounds, someone was knocked out in each fight, which was shockingly fast. There were even a few kids that had a match and they were incredibly quick! 

We then geared up for the biggest full moon party of the year for NYE!! Haadrin beach was incredibly busy with 50,000 people dancing on the sand and in the bars. We had a pretty packed itinerary that evening, starting with Rock Bar on the beach, Tommy resort, and Cactus bar to conclude. A few of us started out the evening getting some professional paint, and one of the girls even got a 7-11 logo painted on her leg. We then headed to the beach and waited for countdown. As the clock struck midnight there were amazing fireworks right above our heads. I love fire works and that was a spectacular show of colors. We were then left to dance away and the next six hours flew by. Suddenly the sky was getting light and it was sunrise so we survived the full moon party and made the group photo. My full moon NYE was the best New Years I have ever had. 

The remaining two days we had in Koh Phangan were recovery days that included market meals and smoothies. We concluded our last night at Amsterdam Bar, which was placed on a mountain and had a gorgeous view of the sun set over the island. Was a great few days of partying but am so ready for some chill and relax beach time!!

Best Splurge: colorful bathing suits along Haadrin beach

Best Bar: Pool bar

Best Full Moon Advice: Buy coolers off the beach (they are cheaper)


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