15 Awesome Trips to Make in Your Twenties

15 Awesome Trips to Make in Your Twenties

Whether it's scrambling up the Himalayas or partying the night away on the beaches of the Thai Gulf, this list of trips to take in those twenties has plenty of bucket-list-busting ideas that are best done with youth on your side – if only to have the awesome memories for longer!

1.   The Southeast Asian circuit

From Bangkok to Vientiane, Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, the Philippines to Malaysia and the gorgeous Gili Islands off the coast of Bali, the Southeast Asian circuit is surely one of the most famous backpacking routes on the planet. What's more, with raucous Full Moon Parties, sleepless destinations like Koh Phi Phi, the surf meccas of Bali and Lombok, the remote jungle trekking of Laos, and oodles more like that on the menu, it's perhaps one that is best done with youth on your side!

2.   The LBW Island Life

Photo by Fyeyewear

If you're all about good vibes, free loving, chilled times, cold beers, lazy beach days, self-expression, and being yourself while traveling the world, then we can think of no better trip to take than our very own Island Life. Tailor-made for the experience-grabbing globetrotter, this one puts you with a loveable group of likeminded folk on a deserted Panamanian island for a week. There are party nights, campfires, art sessions, yoga mornings, live DJs, local culture shows – the list goes on.

3.   The Hippy Trail

Alright, so while we know the WHOLE hippy trail is a big ask – it crosses much of the Middle East, the breadth of South Asia, Southeast Asia and other far-flung places - it's still worth noting this tried-and-tested route because it's one of the most popular travel odysseys to undertake in those days of youth. Along the way, you'll watch sunsets over the rolling seas of Goa, you'll taste Nepalese curries, and be immersed in the energy of cities like Dhaka and Delhi. Cool, huh?

4.   The LBW Yacht Life Croatia

If your twenties are going to be about seizing the moment and making the most of ALL the parties, then perhaps the Yacht Life is the way to go. This two-week jaunt across the turquoise waters of the Croatian seas is jam packed with raucous beach parties, deck-top DJ shows, swimming sessions in hidden coves, and champagne-flowing, beer-frothing nights in places like Split, Hvar and the Makarska Riviera. What's not to love?

5.   Climb the Monteverde cloud forests

Now we're not just saying this because we love hitting the swinging rope bridges, mist-kissed trails and canopy walks of the Costa Rican highlands on our own LBW trips. We are saying it because there's rarely a more uplifting, life-affirming moment than coming face-to-face with a resplendent quetzal or endangered sloth in the jungles of Central America!

6.   Everest Base Camp trek

There's something understandably and justifiably daunting about the iconic route that leads up into the high Himalaya to the 5,300-meter-high cluster of windblown tents that is the Everest Base Camp. There's also something totally awesome about encountering another traveler who's accomplished the feat. The trip typically takes around 20 days, and goes through the wild teahouse hamlets of the Dingboche, past mysterious Tibetan Buddhist shrines, and eventually directly up to underneath the highest peak on the whole planet!

7.   Trek to Machu Picchu

There are 20-somethings out there who'd say that no travel album is complete without the ubiquitous selfie shot atop the mist-shrouded summits of the Peruvian Andes, the crumbling city of the Incas and a couple of lonely alpacas draped in the background. If you agree, we can help you out with that one, with our regular tours deep into the South American wilds and across the wonderful land of Peru.

8.   The Indian Golden Triangle

If you're looking to check off some pretty hefty players from the bucket list early on, then the Golden Triangle of northern India might be a great place to begin. You'll start with a jaunt to the shimmering marble domes of the Taj Mahal, then see the buzzing energy of Delhi, and get to delve into the throbbing bazaars and carved Hawa Mahal of Jaipur in between.

9.   Drive the Big Sur

You don't have to be a 60s-loving hippy or a surf-mad campervan fiend to enjoy the delights of California's most famous section of coastline. Nope, the salt-washed cliffs and swell-kissed shorelines of the Big Sur are there for everyone. They just happen to be best seen and explored when you're still young, what with the boho bars of San Fran and the wild camping spots all along the length of the highway there. Trust us: These are some sunsets you'll want to remember forever!

10.  Island hop though Greece

There was a time when island hopping through Greece was nothing short of a rite of passage for the worldly traveler; when those islands of half-crumbling ruins and whitewashed tavernas were the province of intrepid backpackers on a mission of self-discovery. Granted, that might not be the case these days, but there's still something to be said for a jaunt through the Aegean seas; partying on Mykonos; getting a culture fix on Delos; munching on tasty Greek salads on Rhodes. We've even got our own answer to it in the form of the life-affirming Yacht Life Greece.

11.  Surf your way around Bali

It's no secret that Bali is one of the world's bona fide surfing meccas. From the hardcore rollers of Uluwatu to the soft crashing beach breaks of Kuta, there's something for everyone to ride here. What's more, there's a wild nightlife scene to get stuck into after you're done with the swells of the Indian Ocean, not to mention bucket loads of culture and fascinating Hindu rituals to encounter between the temples and mountain towns.

12.  The LBW Yoga Life


There's never a better time than the present to get in tune with your chakras and go for better spiritual living practices, which is precisely what makes the LBW Yoga Life the perfect trip to take during your twenties. Not only will it give you a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of the ancient art of yoga, but it will also help you become healthier, more flexible, more self-aware and relaxed. To us that sounds just like something you'd want to master when setting out on the road for the first time, right?

13.  Road trip through Australia

It seems like every traveler who's any traveler and his dog has made the road trip along the highways of Australia these days. And while there's something to be said for places like the Gold Coast and Bondi getting overpacked with visitors, it's also easy to see why this has become such an awesome journey to make when you're young. Think partying in beach towns by night, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef by day, and adding wonders like Uluru to the itinerary if it takes your fancy.

14. Interrail in Europe

For young Europeans, the classic Interrail pass has long been one of the best ways to see the continent. Valid on trains connecting everywhere from Amsterdam to Athens, Bucharest to Lisbon, it's one sure fire method to enjoy party nights in medieval hill towns, potent vodka in Poland, hiking in the Alps, pizza in Italy, flamenco in Spain and much, much more, all in the same trip. Oh yea, and it's cheaper if you're under 26!

15. Oktoberfest

No list of the top trips to make when your young could possibly be complete without at least a mention of the single biggest outdoor drinking festival on planet Earth: Oktoberfest. Erupting on the cobbled streets and wide squares of Munich every year, it pulls in millions of revelers for a shindig of beer-frothing madness in the shadow of the Alps. Be sure to book early though, thinks can get pretty tight when the Bavarian capital fills to bursting.

Of course, there are oodles of other trips to take in your twenties that should be on this list. If you'd like to add any, we'd love to hear about them in the comments below…


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