11 travel accessories that will make your friends jealous

11 travel accessories that will make your friends jealous

Are you a globetrotter with a penchant for the newest gadgetry? Do you love being organized on the road? 

Whether it means storing all your electronic leads in one handy spot or having headphones primed for that midday nap, this list of 11 top travel accessories is bound to have something to make your movements a little bit more efficient on your backpacker tour with Life Before Work!

Electronic backpack scale

Are you the sort of traveler who gets caught between a rock and hard place in the airport? Always over-packing and stuffing backpacks full of more Balinese kites and Thai Buddha carvings than you can carry? These handy little devices can ease your pain just a little. By using accurate electronic measurements, the battery-run gadgets can be used to weigh your luggage on the go. That means you can pre-empt any extra charges, or just be certain you're going to be under the weight limit before you check-in. You can even check changes to the heaviness of your packs ad-hoc, which is great if you're planning on packing in a bottle or two from the duty free!


Worldwide plug adapter

Yea, we know, this one's something of an obvious addition to this list of travel accessories to make your mates jealous, but you just wait until the moment comes when your backpacking partner finds themselves fresh out of juice in Thailand, or holding a useless plug in the Philippines. You, on the other hand, will have a nifty worldwide adapter! It accepts shapes of plugs from all over the planet, whether it's a two-pronged American one or a rounded European contact.


Wireless headphones

If you're sick and tired of detangling wires every time you want to bust out your travel playlist, then these innovative new additions to the audio market might just be choice for you! Doing precisely what they say on the tin, they allow for music listening without the need for a physical connection between your player and your earphones. They might be a little pricey, but once you get the tunes flowing over Bluetooth, it'll be money well spent!


Charging platform

We've all been there: a hostel dorm room where the clever designers have decided to perch the plugs waaaay out of reach. And while we have no idea what person would ever need to charge their phone just inches from the ceiling, we also know that a solution to that age-old problem would be a welcome one. And now we have it: charging platforms. Yep, the foldable little shelves can be attached directly to your power point converter and used to support a smartphone while it rejuvenates. That means no more expensive devices dangling from the walls - woop!


Portable workout gear

Just when you thought you'd escaped the rigmarole of gym and recovery, the folk over in the world of travel accessories bring you this: a gym on the road. Capable of being packed up into one small and portable pouch, this set of pullies and resistance stretches has (almost) everything you need to keep the training up as you travel. Sorry, but there's simply no excuse for dropping your fitness levels in the Land of Smiles now!


Grid-It! Holders

One for the organized folk, Grid-It! have lead the way in innovative storage solutions your smallest items and accessories. An easy-to-use device, these things take the format of a series of elastic stretches that can be used to fit oodles of charging leads and phones, toiletries, pens, large stationary, headphones – the list goes on. With this, gone are the days of fiddling around your pouches for your earplugs or toothpaste!

Inflatable bottle bags

Everyone knows that airports aren't just about eating fast food and whiling away the time. They are also about browsing for those start-of-holiday or end-of-holiday treats. And when we say treats, we mean liquid treats in the form of duty-free vodka and French wine. Carrying these valuable souvenirs just got even easier too, with the advent of inflatable bottle bags that protect the all-important glass until the corks are popped!

Roll-up USB chargers

With everything from iPhones to cameras now making the change to USB charging, we find it kinda' hard to believe that we've had to wait quite so long for this nifty piece of kit. But hey, better late than never, eh? And we're really not disappointed either, especially when we're faced with that awkward quandary of what to prioritize on the charging front. Should it be the GoPro or the smartphone, the SLR or the GPS? Well, now you can have them all, thanks to the multi-socket formats of the small strip chargers. The best part though? Well, that's got to be just how small they can go; roll them up and stuff it into a sock - you won't even know they are there.

GoPro cameras

The classic GoPro – or any other action camera for that matter – is surely one of those travel accessories that needs no introduction. Hardy and high-definition, they are designed to capture all those priceless memories you make while hitting the globe. They are also waterproof, which means you'll be able to put together travel cuts no matter if you're skiing the peaks of BC or SCUBA diving in the Gili Islands. Nice.


Hang on just a darn moment! Headphones in a headband? Woo! Excuse the excitement, but for anyone who's ever tried to drift off mid-flight or in a crowded hostel room by making use of the mellifluous sounds of Jazz FM or their own record collection, these will be a real gift. Essentially a really comfortable headband with the earphones worked into the fabric, they allow you to toss and turn as much as you like, all the while keeping the music flowing and outside sounds away from the ear drum. Talk about travel accessories to fall in love with!


Selfie sticks

Last but certainly not least comes the (in)famous selfie stick. These arm-elongators are hardly the most elegant addition to a trip into the Vietnamese mountains or the Thai islands, and they have a knack for really annoying a lot of people. Still, nothing should get in the way of that perfect shot right? And if that means attaching your beloved smartphone to a dubious pole and looking like a fool for a moment, then so be it!


Can you think of any other nifty travel accessories that will make your fellow backpackers jealous this year? If so, we'd love to hear about them in the comments below. Or, do you think it's time you hit the road and started using some of this nifty gear? Then be sure to check out LBW's offering of itineraries, from Bali to Costa Rica --> Click HERE!

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