From sunbathing selfies to traditional postcard wins, this list of 11 things to do while traveling to make your home friends jealous is sure to garner just a few green faces back in the nest…

The sunbathing legs shot

We've all seen them, peppering the feeds of our Facebooks: Shots of those sun cream-doused, hotdog-like pins lethargically placed akimbo on a sun-washed deck chair, a pool glistening turquoise blue in the foreground, the mountains of the Greek Isles or the jungle-clad hills of Nicaragua rising like a wall in the distance. Well, now it's your turn. Take some time to get the right angle and be sure to include the lazy, carefree nature of the way you're draped over the sitter, as if there's not a single thing in the world you need to do today. Except drink a few cold ones, swim in the ocean and enjoy life, of course.

The jumping on the beach shot

Get your new travel mates to line up along the lapping shoreline of the Adriatic Sea, the Nicaraguan Pacific or the Costa Rican Caribbean (actually, any tropical ocean will do!), preferably some time when home is cold, wet and doused in snow, and proceed to take that classic action shot as you all jump up like there's not a thing in the world worrying you. Irritating? Not if you're involved. Jealous inducing? You bet ya!

Selfie with an elephant/monkey/[insert exotic creature here]

Place the camera right to get the full-frontal, face-on shot of the handsome creature: those fan-like ears and human eyes, that arched head and the swinging trunk. Or, be quick so you catch the macaque in full swing as it hops from teak tree to teak tree over the babbling pools of Thailand's Erawan Falls. These are the ways you'll make a pal jealous with your selfies; by showing them the unique and awesome animals you're meeting along the way. Of course, you'll have to do this all ethically, with trips to certified elephant sanctuaries and proper national parks (LBW ensures that's all we do though, so don't worry!).

Exotic souvenirs

If you're planning on traveling for a while without returning home, then it’s likely you're going to send back a parcel or two of those exotic goodies you come across along the way. Pack those boxes full of the most curious and interesting, outlandish and ridiculous items you can. Whether that means tribal trinkets from the jungle peoples of Costa Rica or bizarre jewelry from the night markets of Laos, just the arrival of such things in the land of suburbia is bound to pique the interest.

Action cam videos of a dive into the Adriatic Sea from the edge of your own yacht

If you're looking to get all your friends at home abuzz about how you've gone from hard-up student to yacht-owning jet setter with just one flick of the smartphone button, this jealousy-inducing trick is for you. The recipe: Position yourself atop the main deck of the YachtLife boat. Be sure to get a wide-angle shot of the whole crew and beer-drinking revellers who pepper the timbers and beanbags. Then, loft yourself up and over the side paneling, do a twist or a turn or two to add that necessary youthful vigour, and splash straight into the aquamarine swells of the Adriatic Sea. It's served best with a prompt upload to Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat.

The 'never coming home' Facebook post

The classic 'never coming home' Facebook posts allows travellers to get straight into the nitty gritty of why their trips are so awesome and why everyone else should be jealous. Without the need to take shots or vids of your bucket-list adventures, you're free to run amok with the stories you tell: "Rafting through Halong Bay, encounters with wild elephants, SCUBA diving in the corals, windsurfing in Mui Ne, partying in Ho Chi Minh City. Cheers Vietnam. I'm never coming home." Something like that would do nicely. Oh, and then there are the short, sharp ones, which can be equally as potent. Just tag a location, a tantalizing airport or a wanderlust-inducing hostel somewhere in the far-flung reaches of the world. It's bound to have an effect.

A glitchy Skype call

Okay, so we know that the beaches of the Thai Andaman or those jungle-clad beer bars on the Gili Islands (where there's not even cars, let along good internet) are hardly going to be the best spots to launch a Skype convo with the folk back home. But that's kinda' the point when it comes to getting the jealousy flowing. A glitchy call where your pals can only catch snippets of your adventures – "…rare sea turtle…best surf…tasty peanut satay" – are bound to make an impact precisely because they are incomprehensible; like a stream of consciousness reminder of how awesome your life is RN.

A classic postcard

If you're really looking to rub the salt of your wanderlust in the proverbial wound of your mate's home life, then there's perhaps no better way than to go back to the days of the analogue postcard. Grab one that displays the shimmering sands of the Greek Islands while you're on shore during the YachtLife, or make a foray into the bazaars of Bangkok to pick one up between the pad Thai sellers and the haggling locals. Then, it's all just about crafting the right message. The perfect balance between amorous beach descriptions and stories of your balls-to-the-wall partying sessions should do it.

Make new buddies

While it might sound a little evil in order to get the jealousy flowing in your friends back home, showing off those new pals as you travel the world is as natural as the shimmering coral reefs of Indo. You simply can't avoid it happening, especially if you're heading out in the company of one of LBW's tour groups (we bond like a fam, true). A couple of group shots here and there, hugging like bffs and partying till sunup on the Thai beaches, is sure to be enough to get your old friends thinking that they should be there too!

Book even more travels

One sure way to make folk back at home realize that you're having a blast is to keep posting up details of your new travel plans. That's best done ad hoc, as if you've just fallen into globetrotting the world because the bug has bitten you. Maybe the Greek Aegean has proved too irresistible and you're going to spend some time island hopping after your tour. Perhaps the Turkish Riviera demands more time, and Pamukalle beckons with its babbling springs. Or, is it Vietnam and Cambodia that are calling after that travel circuit through Thailand? No matter, they all work the same!

Do bucket-list-busting things, of course

Even if you aren't parading your awesome travel life to the folk back home, you can surely fuel that jealousy simply by seizing the moment and making the most of those adventures wherever they are. That could mean smashing your fears and riding ziplines through the Monteverde cloud forests. That could mean learning to surf on the rollers of the Bali Sea. It could mean hitting the sands of Koh Phangan for a legendary Full Moon blow out. What are you waiting for?

If you can think of any other ways to get the folk back home as green as an Ubud rice terrace, then we'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Or, if you think it's time that you packed the bags and got out there on the road, be sure to check out LBW's offering of awesome trips.  

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