At LBW Travel, we don't have time for excuses. We don't want to hear it if you're apprehensive about the language barrier or simply think you don't have time to hit the road. We'd prefer you to be getting excited for long, lazy days on the beaches of Southeast Asia, encounters with elephants and all those new mates you're going to meet in the forests of Monteverde. That's why this list is essential reading if you're in two minds about backpacking this year…

You don't have the money

Kicking off this list of excuses for not traveling is one of the most common complaints of all: money. And while we've got plenty of time for people who struggle to find the cents for booking those next travel adventures, we'd also like to point out that it's never as hard as it might seem. There are oodles of budgeting guides out there that can help you formulate a savings plan, to bulk up the piggy bank for that trip to Cancun or Costa Rica. But more than that, there are also now far more ways to travel on shoestring than ever before, whether that means hostel hopping in Thailand or a spot of English teaching in Nam', dog sitting in Oz or hitchhiking through Europe.

You don’t have the time

So you don't think you have the time to travel, eh? Well, we at LBW would beg to differ. We'd say you can't afford not to have the time to travel! Yep, if hopping between the temples of Angkor Wat and the Taj, seeing the beaches of Thailand and wondering at three-toed sloths in Costa Rica is your idea of heaven, then there really is no time like the present. In the wise words of one Mark Twain: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do." See you on the road…


You've never done it before

So, what? Travel is about breaking down the boundaries and experiencing new things. It's about immersing yourself in other cultures, haggling over deep-fried crickets in pulsing night markets, swimming in unknown seas, scaling soaring volcanos in exotic lands, and encountering religions and creeds you wouldn't meet at home. Again, it seems to us as if this one's more of a reason to travel than not.

You're past it

We've heard tales of backpackers over 90 hitting the Hippy Trail and hosteling it through Southeast Asia. Kudos! If a geriatric that late in life can find the energy to indulge their wanderlust, we're certain you can too. Yep, no matter if you're late 30s or staring retirement in the face, this is simply no excuse. If anything, strapping on the backpack and heading for happy hour in the hostel bar is bound to make you feel just a little younger. Now who doesn't want that?

You've got no one to travel with

If there's one thing we've learnt guiding countless tour groups through Asia, Central America, South America and Europe over the last decade, it's that everyone has friends, all over the globe. The catch is that you just may not have met them yet. Cue our pre-organized groups, which make it easier than ever to find people to travel with. Trust us when we say that by midnight on the first day, a couple of Croatian rakijas down or a round of Chang beers on Khaosan Road later, you'll be joshing and jollying like you've known each other for years!

Bankgkok KhaoSan Road.jpg

You need to concentrate on your career

Hey now, hold on – you've got the rest of your life to concentrate on your career. And anyway, traveling isn't the end of that pursuit, it can even make it better. Surveys have shown time and time again that prospective employers look on gap years to far-flung corners of the globe to break down the boundaries and learn new skills as a positive addition to the CV. And you might just come back with a few more tricks in the arsenal, whether it's cooking up the perfect pad Thai or speaking a little Tico.

You're a home bird

It makes us cringe a little inside when we hear the excuse that someone's a home bird. Why? Well, because the only reason they think that is because they've never left home, obviously. Come on, you can stare at as many glossy photos of Koh Phi Phi's beaches or the swaying coconut groves of Phu Quoc as you like from the comfort of your own bedroom, but you'll never really experience just how awesome those places are without actually going there. TLDR: you're not a home bird, trust us.

You only speak English

Annnnd? Not only is English spoken more widely around the globe than ever before these days, but the language barrier that's presented by traveling can also be one of the most fun aspects of being on the road. So, grab a phrase book, sort out your sawadee kraps and sabaidees, and get out there. You never know, you might just discover a hidden passion for learning foreign lingos and come home spouting Spanish or Chinese like a local!

Language - French.jpg

You don't have the wanderlust

Really? Somehow, we doubt that. It doesn’t take much to stoke it, mind you: a travel mag; a well-filtered Instagram feed (we've got a pretty darn good one!); a well-written travel article (ahem); a tantalizing postcard from one of your backpacking mates. If this really is the excuse you're making for not getting out there and exploring, then we think it's just because you've not really thought about the real joys of traveling. Consider those pink-red sunsets over the rugged Andaman coast; think of beers shared with new mates on the beaches of the Thai Gulf; imagine meeting endangered sloths in the cloud forests of Monteverde – it's all unforgettable and awesome. Wanderlust there yet?

You're scared

Don’t worry, we were all there once. It might be the fear of bug-infested hostels, or dangerous tuk-tuk rides through hawker-filled cities. It could be apprehension for long-haul flights or new cuisine, perhaps a lack of routine or anxiety about leaving home for the first time. Seriously though, all those worries will drop away as soon as you get on the road. You'll quickly realize that dorms are pretty darn clean these days, and folk on the travel circuit are just like you.

If you're a veteran traveler and have more answers to those age-old excuses, be sure to add your thoughts in the comments below. Or, if you've stopped dodging the travel bug and want to get onto an organized tour with LBW, whether in Costa Rica or Thailand, Brazil or Bali, be sure to check out our awesome offering of travel packages.

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