10 Ideas For Raising Travel Funds You Might Not Have Thought Of

10 Ideas For Raising Travel Funds You Might Not Have Thought Of

Raising the necessary dosh for travel can be a tricky business. Some folk go full digital nomad to try and keep themselves earning as they explore the planet, others will keep returning home to bolster their bank account before the next big adventure. Whichever you choose to do, this LBW list of 10 ways you can get the dollars flowing should be of some help, at least.

Ask for funding

With the internet at your fingertips and crowdfunding the new big thing, it's hardly a surprise that some folks have put two and two together to create funding portals that are now totally dedicated to traveling the world. It might seem a little silly, but people will actually throw a couple of dollars your way, especially if your idea for a trip is particularly inspiring or unique – and we can't think of anything more unique than sailing the Adriatic Sea or adventuring on a private island in the Panamanian Pacific Ocean!

Travel with charities

These days, charities are always looking for new and innovative ways to raise awareness and cash for their cause. Some will even part-fund your expedition to wild and wonderful places (think the snow-blasted Everest Base Camp or the craggy top of Mount Kilimanjaro) if you commit to collecting a certain amount of dosh to throw their way. The great thing about raising money this way is that you not only get to focus in on one sure fire method of getting your holiday booked, but you can also help out some worthy causes in the process.  

Get a seasonal job

Every year, thousands of would-be travelers fresh from college or university opt to bolster their bank accounts by going for a seasonal position. This could be anything, from ski instructing in the American Rockies to fruit picking in the Italian vineyards to lifeguarding on the beaches of the West Coast when the sun's hot and the holidays are on. Many of these actually pay pretty darn well, and some will even let you start traveling while you work!

Do some busking

If you've got a flair for music, then use it! Use it to serenade walkers in your local town and you could soon be raking in the dollars for that jaunt across the globe. You don't need to be the next Johann Sebastian Bach or Ed Sheeran. Just a couple of well-known shanty songs or classics will get you by. And hey, if it's Christmas time, be sure to hit the carols – they are always a winner!

Get on work exchange programs

Not so much a suggestion for raising travel cash as it is a way of ensuring you won't need so much cash to spend when you are traveling (but they are basically the same thing, right?), work exchange programs allow you to trade off your time abroad for lodging, food and other perks. You could opt to be a house sitter, a dog sitter, a cleaner, a hostel receptionist, work on a pub crawl, build some barns in the south of France – you name it and it's likely that someone around the globe is after your services. Of course, we at LBW think a travel tour guide is always the best option!

Be a street entertainer

We've seen people charm snakes or dance traditional Slavic polkas; we've seen pretend statues (some good, others not so good) and classic French mimes; we've seen character artists and break dancers, football kickers and candlestick makers (seriously). Yep, if you think you've got the confidence and flair to do any sort of street entertaining, then be sure to get on it. It could just be your ticket to Central America or the Far East!

Do some teaching abroad

For some, teaching abroad is the gateway to a whole new career. For others, though, it can be just a casual way of gaining a little more income on the side. You can opt to teach English as a foreign language, both over Skype and on location, or be a ski instructor, a surf instructor, a music teacher – the list goes on. The bonus of this one is that your money raising efforts don't have to end the minute you head for the airport. You can just look for new teaching gigs in the destination you're aiming for next.

Sell some stuff

Remember that old guitar you had for your 15th birthday? Got an old laptop sitting around that's not going to be adventuring through Costa Rica with you? Think it's time to sell those dust-gathering school textbooks? Great. The first step in hawking your stuff is to…well, have some stuff. Whack it all up on Craigslist or Ebay and then watch the travel funds roll in. Careful though, you'll need to leave yourself with at least a couple of pairs of pants and a backpack!

Get cooking

You don't have to be a 3-star Michelin chef to make a money from your culinary talent. You could just be a maestro of the humble cake, or a king of cooking up a proper Middle Eastern smorgasbord. Try to sell your muffins in a nearby market, or apply to local restaurants to see if they need a hummus maker extraordinaire. If not, no worries; it was worth the try. And you'll just have loads of tasty cakes and hummus handy!

Start your own travel blog

Yep, you read that right. These days there are ways to make money just by sharing your own travel stories on your own travel blog. You'll need to do things properly though, because there's oodles of competition out there. And we're not saying this one's going to be easy even once you're going. Earning passive income this way can take a lot of dedication, sleepless nights of writing, and a flair for social media. If you think you've got all that, and a snazzy writing style, then it might just be the money-maker for you.


If you're looking to go full digital nomad and travel while working, check out our awesome co-working space in Nicaragua – it could just be the thing you're after. Or, if you're interested in seeing how you can spend that travel cash on a seriously awesome time abroad, be sure to head over to see all our bucket-list-busting LBW tours!



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