Whether you're a veteran globetrotter or a budding digital nomad, the new wave of coworking spaces that's taking over in destinations as far-flung as Bali and Indo, Nica and Brazil is certainly one to watch. Offering everything from luxurious suites and high-speed web connections, new mates and new adventures, it might just offer you the best choice for working and traveling this year.

1.      The company

The obvious benefit of opting to bed down in a dedicated coworking space like LBW's nomad.life is surely the company. Where many a digital nomad will find themselves hopping between empty apartment rentals or private hotel rooms, those who go for shared living spaces get to meet and mingle with other, likeminded folk. That means a guaranteed group of other location independent people to share those glowing Nicaraguan sunsets with, or to crack open a few refreshing brews in the tropical sun after a hard day at the laptop. And it means new mates to organize weekend or evening excursions with, whether that's out to the rolling surf of the Pacific or the mist-topped volcanos of Central America. Nice.

2.      The comfort

Turquoise-hued pools that glow under the tropical sun; panoramic views of the golden Pacific beaches; stylish interior designs; open-plan living rooms and lounges; fully-equipped kitchens; hammocks that swing under the shade of a wooden pagoda – you can expect all this and more from LBW's Nicaraguan coworking space. Yep, just when you were expecting to rough it a la student dormitory style, you realize shared living accommodations for location independents are hardly shoestring at all! Hey, everyone needs a little bit of luxury to keep that professional focus, right?

3.      The location

Every location independent worker knows that one of the real joys of living and making a living on the road is the ability to go wherever you want, when you want. And on top of that, every globetrotter knows that a destination is at its best when you’ve got accommodations that place you right in the heart of the action. Cue coworking, which often offers beds and living spaces close to some of the top spots in a country, whether that's the rolling surf of Bali, the buzzing nightlife strips of Bangkok or the beautiful salt-sprayed promenades of San Juan del Sur.

4.      The networking

Part of developing a successful location independent business on the road is being able to make connections and contacts remotely. Often, that can mean hour upon hour of blindly sending out prospect emails or job proposals, or arduous slogs at building up your personal portfolio online. However, coworking offers an altogether different way to make new associations across the globe: networking the classic way. Remember, you're going to be living, playing and rubbing shoulders with oodles of other digital nomads, and that means plenty of scope for fattening up the address book!

5.      The connectivity

Ah, finding a fast internet connection – it's a problem that's forever been the bane of many a digital nomad, whether a designer in Chiang Mai or a webmaster travelling through the Keralan backwaters. Put simply: If you can't find a decent connection to The Cloud, then it's likely that you won't be able to complete that all-important project (unless you're doing things old school with a notepad a la Hemingway, in which case we salute you). That's precisely why coworking spaces offer speedy and reliable internet connections, loaded with enough bandwidth to keep several web workers clicking away for hours each day.  

6.      The adventure

Believe it or not, choosing a coworking space over a classic hostel dorm or AirBnB can open up a whole new world of adventure. With a group of ready-made mates waiting for you in that untrodden destination, you're going to be surrounded by people who also want to explore and experience. Perhaps you'll be pushed to surf the rollers of the Pacific Ocean, or hike the smoking domes of primeval volcanos, to quad your way across deserts or dive down to the sparkling coral gardens of Southeast Asia. Yep, no one knows where that coworking adventure will take them - and that's the best part!

7.      The wellbeing

From morning yoga sessions on the sands of Nicaragua to cross-beach runs by the dying light of the evening sun, meditation classes with local gurus to surfing on the salt spray of the Pacific Ocean and the Bali Sea, the opportunities to take your life in an all-new healthy direction are endless for the budding digital nomad. Coworking spaces like LBW's nomad.life are now moving to offer these activities as part of a daily routine, which should make it easy for you to integrate wellbeing and betterment into your working week. You can thank us when you've toned those pecs.

8.      The price

Opting for a coworking space not only means escaping the rigmarole of uncomfortable dormitory beds and ramshackle hostel kitchens, but also the nightly costs associated with booking hotel rooms and privates. With coworking spaces, you can usually opt to pay on a monthly, a weekly or a daily basis, picking the payment solution that suits you best. You'll also get a whole range of competitive packages to choose from, with multi-bed rooms and private suites alike. That means there's bound to be something to fit your budget, along with options that will put the cost of hotel rooms and hostels to shame.

9.      The ethics

The benefits of a coworking space over a traditional hotel or hostel go further than just the bonuses for digital nomads. By consolidating all your waste and living into a single household, we think it's possible to reduce the impact on local communities and the environment; by organizing recycling, for example, or sourcing your foodstuffs from local markets. What's more, LBW even put money from their coworking space straight back into ethical causes, like our housebuilding program in Nicaragua, which aims to alleviate some of the striking poverty levels in the Central American country. Now if that's not ethical travel, we don’t know what is!

10.     The integration

Gone are the days of the globetrotting tourist. With the rise of digital nomadism, it's now possible to travel the world and live like a local. That means integrating properly into communities, meeting and greeting and eating with the local folk. And there's really no better way to do that than to live in the company of said locals, which is difficult when you're based in a hostel or hotel. Going for a house and choosing to wake up, work and live in the same neighbourhood as other city-dwellers, just like a coworking space offers, is a sure way to feel the true vibes and character of a place. At least, we at LBW think that's the case!


Are you a veteran digital nomad? Can you think of any more of the great benefits of going for a coworking space? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below.



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