With everything from penguin parties to soaring Balkan mountains to bucket-list-busting music festivals on the menu of Life Before Work's YachtLife Croatia trips, it's hardly surprising that this list of 10 awesome experiences you can have when Croatia yachting with LBW was pretty easy to come up with! Check them out and we'll see you on board!

Sample authentic Balkan cuisine

If you're worried what you're going to have to mop up all those frothy Balkan beers, then don't: the Croatian kitchen has something for everyone. First off, there are succulent tomatoes and salads and olives (loads of olives) by the bucket load, and awesome pizzas – thanks to the proximity to Italy across the Adriatic. And then there's the influence of the east, which comes in the form of paprika-infused hunter's stews, hearty Bulgarian meatballs, stuffed dumplings, and truffle-topped pastas. Yep, the Croatian food is darn tasty.


Penguin parties

We're not kidding when we say that the LBW penguin onesie party has become nothing short of legendary on the Dalmatian yachting circuit. We can see the jealousy in the eyes of other travellers as we don our emperor bird suits and take to the deck with rums and mojitos and more Slavic beer than you can wave a Croatian blood sausage at! Yep, it's arguably the night of the trip, and you can probably feel the music beginning to rise as we drift into our own secluded cove on the rugged coast outside of Split and crank up the tunes for a night of arctic-animal-themed fun under the Mediterranean moon.

Ultra Music Festival

Calling all EDM heads and hedonists, electronica buffs and neon-paint-ravers: the Ultra Music Festival is now offered as an add-on with selected LBW Croatia YachtLife tours in 2017! It's a mega blowout of epic proportions, taking place between the ancient Roman palaces and sun-kissed pebble coves of Split in mid-July. You'll encounter huge name DJs like Dosem and Mark Knight in the opening party, before getting to see David Guetta and artists like deadmau5 smash the decks over the weekend. The best part though? Well, surely that has to be the thousands of other yachters and travellers who descent on the city for the party too, right?

See the Krka Waterfalls

One of the great wonders of Croatia, the Krka Waterfalls can be found crashing through the rugged landscapes in the foothills of the Dinaric Alps. Encased in their very own national park, they are considered one of the most beautiful sights in the whole Balkans, with several steps of gushing water descending from the fir forests and into pools of pearly green-blue below. Visitors can swim in the bubbling whirlpools and wonder at the scintillating mineral formations, all before heading to the fairy-tale wonders of Visovac Lake with its palace-topped island.

Witness the mighty Biokovo

Stringing the whole way along the turquoise-blue waters of the Dalmatian Coast, the mountains known to the locals as just Biokovo are surely some of the most dramatic in Europe. They rise almost vertically from the Med at some points, soaring like daggers of limestone to a perfect blue sky. In Makarska, you'll get awesome views of the mighty peaks from atop deck as we pull into port under the craggy summit of Sveti Jure (the highest of the lot at over 1,700 meters above sea level). And if you can wrangle some free time in between partying, there may even be a chance to pull on the boots and hit the fir-lined trails there!


White party on Prvi Zal Beach

Yea, we know, a whole load of these awesome experiences are parties, but who's complaining anyway? And what better way to keep the hedonism flowing than with LBW's trademark white party? For this one, we pull up our beautiful sailing vessel and nestle it between the other whitewashed yachts on Korcula Island. Then, we hit the sands and raise our very own DJ booth between the cocktail bars and palm-thatched sun umbrellas. Not only will you get to party the evening away with oodles of Ožujsko and new mates, but you might even get to meet a tanned local or two while you're at it!

White Party 4.jpg

Explore untrodden Vis

Everyone talks about Hvar and Korcula and Brac, but here at Life Before Work, where the intrepid doesn't scare us and 'danger' would be our middle name were it not for 'before', prefer to head further afield, to where (almost) no man has gone before. Cue the gorgeous, untouched island of Vis. This jewel in the Adriatic Sea is formed from undulating mountains of pine-topped limestone, cascading vineyards (which make a great local wine!), and some curious remnants of the Yugoslavian army, which once made the isle their base. We love to flit between the earthy fishing town of Komiza, take road trips into the lonely mountains, or party with cocktails in converted Fort George.


See some of the world's best Roman ruins

Ask any lecturer or ancient history buff and they'll tell you: the ruins of Diocletian's Palace in the heart of Split city are amongst the most impressive Roman remains on the globe. And guess what? It just so happens that's precisely where we begin and end our Yachtlife Croatia tours! So, get ready to delve into a warren of cobbled streets and hidden courtyards, where grand peristyles and crumbling temples loom on both sides. Get ready to wonder up at great archways bearing the names of Roman nobles, and to gawp at structures to rival even the Colosseum. Lunch and dinner and late night parties take place right in the heart of the Split old town too, so there's no need to go far to get that history fix!


Sip pink champagne on Hvar

The sun-kissed island of Hvar has become famous for its summertime crowds of celebs, A-listers, cocktail sippers, fashionistas, and the occasional backpacker. Of course, the Life Before Work YachtLife Fam fits all those descriptions, which is precisely why we dedicate a whole day to exploring the ancient stone-clad towns of the place. You can start the day by scrambling up the eucalyptus-dotted hillsides above the main town for the breathtaking panoramas that abound on the walls of the old Hvar Fortress. Then, get back down for the evening, when pink champers emerges in earnest and the party really begins.


Dive off a yacht into the Adriatic

If you've never seen a picture of the gorgeous Adriatic Sea in those travel brochures (and let's face it, you probably have), then just imagine a sparkling shore that's bluer than blue, has a tad of turquoise green thrown in, and looks so enticing you simply can't resist. Yep, that's the salty beauty that sailors on our LBW Croatia YachtLife tours get to enjoy every day of their trip. And you won't have to wait until we dock up in a city or pull into a cove to get the refreshments of the ocean either, because diving over the side and straight into the water is a regular pit stop on the menu. Woo!

If you think you're ready to hit the seas with us, be sure to check out our YachtLife Croatia page. Or, if you've partied down Dalmatia with us before and have something to add, we'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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