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LBW have been touring Vietnam for years, showing off the cascading rice paddies of Sa Pa and the throbbing streets of central Hanoi, the wonders of Ha Long Bay and the sunny party strips of Nha Trang. But what about the hidden treasures that languish away from the mainland? What about the destinations that make their home between the swells of the South China Sea and the waters of the Thai Gulf? Check out this list of the most beautiful Vietnam islands to uncover the paradisiacal tropics of spots like Phu Quoc, Nam Du and beyond. Enjoy…

10 of the Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

We all know about the majestic beauty of Ha Long Bay, and we've all pined for the flowing hillsides of Sa Pa. The frenetic energy of Ho Chi Minh City and the buzzing bazaars of Hanoi are well-trodden by travellers of all shapes and sizes, and Nha Trang's got popular beaches and waterparks aplenty. But where are the more unusual places to visit in Vietnam; the spots you might not have heard of or seen on the Travel Channel?

6 differences between Vietnam & Thailand

If you’re thinking about making a beeline for the Far East this year but can’t decide between the legendary Land of Smiles or more far­flung Vietnam, then be sure to check out this list of six major differences between the two countries. (Of course, there’s always also the option of doing both in one fell swoop, and LBW even offer a Best of Both Worlds itinerary for those who really can’t choose!)

Sa Pa

After a 6 hour night bus from Hanoi to Sa Pa, we are stunned by the lush green steps of the rice fields and the mountain mist which make for a breathtaking view. We look around the market, eat lunch and waste no time getting to sample a shot or ten of rice wine! 

Ha Long Bay

We take in the majestic scenery of Ha Long Bay as we board a party boat where we meet with people outside of our tour. We have a few drinks and complimentary sangria before jumping off the boat into the water to cool down. 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Catapulted into Ho Chi Minh City in the early hours, we are introduced to it at twilight, though still bustling. On first sight, HCMC looks more western than Hanoi and is slightly more bearable temperature. We sleep and regroup early in order to fit in the activities jam packed for tomorrow.

July 11-15 in Vietnam

From Ha Long bay we travel to Phong Nha, a UNESCO world heritage sight and where some of the group explore the dark cave, waist deep in mud, while others zip line above the water. We visit paradise cave which served as a natural store and refuge for the Vietnamese during the war. 

Don't Stop The Music: Ha Long Bay Style

After calling it an early night in Hanoi, the next morning arrived, and it was time to take a four-hour bus to the magnificent, UNESCO World Heritage site, Ha Long Bay. We got to the docks and took a dingy out to our larger boat, where we then checked into our nice rooms. The boat had a lower deck for sleeping, a middle deck for dining plus some more accommodations, and an upper deck for tanning and foozball.

Touring Dalat, Vietnam

We arrive in Dalat in the afternoon and are surprised by its cooler clime. Famous for its wine, we waste little time in getting to sample it along with breads and cakes from the local bakery. A few bottles later and the paddle boats on the lake become more appealing. We all take an evening row on the lake before dinner. 

Mid-Trip Report: Phong Nha & Hoi An

The evening arrived, and after waiting for our bus (which felt like forever), we traveled from Hanoi to Phong Nha in 11 hours. We arrived at about five in the morning, and most napped for four hours, until it was time to visit the notorious caves in the area. We started with everyone walking up to Paradise Cave, and once inside, it was a two-kilometer trek return.

Hanoi (July 3 & 4)

On arrival in Hanoi, I was met by 38 degree heat and a chorus of car horns. We stay in the old quarter where my senses are overwhelmed by the aroma of food, the hum of motorbikes, the towering buildings and wires that form a canopy over the bustling street. 

Motor Bikes Really Hanoi Me

My arrival in Hanoi didn’t just signify a visit to a new city, such as Boston or Paris, but rather a real taste of what South East Asia has in store for me. Walking from place to place is a challenge in itself, with no sidewalks, and hundreds of motorbikes cutting off pedestrians and honking loudly. The fumes are ominous and the pollution inevitable.