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Ditch Gucci for a Passport | Experiences Dominate over Material Goods for Long-term Happiness

Let me introduce you to something known as buyer’s remorse. If you don’t know of the term, I’m certain you have experienced it. Buyer’s remorse is that feeling of regret after a purchase; whether it’s a new car, the latest iPhone, the wrong type of salad dressing, or even an article of fast fashion that was already kicked out of style before you left the store, you have surely experienced it at some point. In fact, Skelton and Allwood (2017) found that a vast majority of adults (82%) have experienced this at least once in their life.

10 Of The Most Bohemian Neighborhoods In The World

From the boho coffeeshops of East London to the ramshackle squat bars of Berlin, the alternative streets of Venice Beach to the surprisingly off-beat beatnik dives of Bangkok, we go in search of the world's most counterculture, cool areas. If you've packed the drainpipes and have a penchant for craft beer, this could just be the travel list for you…

The Changing Way We Travel With Tech

Whether you're hitching a ride in a pound-saving Uber across the neighbourhoods of downtown London or snapping a selfie to post on your Insta account, the chance that you've used at least one piece of tech on your travels in the last year is close to 100%.

5 Places You NEED To Do NYE This Year

Ninety-five and married, nineteen and single, twenty-eight with children, thirty and travelling - New Years Eve is the one day of the year every human is connected for a few moments. Whether your into culture, glam fiestas, or beaches with friends everyone celebrates NYE. You're not done yet - find the top 5 places you need to do NYE this year - lets make it a memorable one! 

8 Central American Spots To Spend That Spring Break

Ah, spring break: that blowout of booze and partying that everyone’s looking forward to. Yes, we know the beaches of south Cali or Florida are fun when the sun strikes and lectures recede, but why not try something a little different this year and head for the sultry reaches south of the border? You can expect everything from world-class surf to steaming volcanos, not to mention uber-cheap tequila shots, potent mojitos and more cerveza than you can shake a Nicaraguan gallo pinto at!